What to do and where to go in our surroundings

An ideal location

Il Defizio is located in the heart of Tuscany, located about 65 km from Florence, 60 km from Pisa and 50 km from Siena, all three cities are thus reached in about 1 hour drive.

Lucca and Arezzo are a bit more distant but in about 1 hour and 30 minutes can also be visited, and beautiful seaside towns are about 60 km away from us.

Il Defizio is also located midway between the two beautiful medieval towns of San Gimignano (14 km) and Volterra (18 km) and a few minutes drive from many other enchanting, small medieval towns such as Certaldo, Colle Val d'Elsa,  Casole d’Elsa and the wonderful Monteriggioni.

All this for those who want to combine their stay at Il Defizio with a visit to these beautiful towns rich in history and culture.

For those who want to take the opportunity of a round of golf, the Golf Club of Castelfalfi is only 17 km from Il Defizio.

Major art cities

Almost all the most famous Renaissance artists worldwide have trampled on the sanpietrini of Via Calzaiuoli, Donatello, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Masaccio, enlightened people like Lorenzo the Magnificent, Savonarola … each of them has helped to transform this beautiful open air museum nestled on the banks of the Arno in the “Cradle of the Renaissance”, an exceptional city where one by one, over a very short time, churches, palaces, museums , bridges rose and in whose shops the works that now adorn the greatest museums around the world and have revolutionized the history of art were painted, sculpted, written: what can we say about this city?

Every corner, every street, every wall is a piece of art perfectly preserved under the eyes of everyone … Providing that you can make the space between the crowds of tourists!

Pisa means the tower, FALSE! Very nice but not the only structure that deserves to be seen in this unpredictable Tuscan city.

The beautiful Piazza del Duomo includes the main religious monuments of the city, earning the nickname of Piazza dei Miracoli: In addition to the Cathedral tower, the Baptistery and the Campo Santo.

But you just need to move a little to discover the complexity and the composure of all artistic wonders that make it one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Buildings, monuments and museums help to keep alive the memory of a past in which Pisa has been a Maritime Republic and for a long time, undisputed mistress of the Mediterranean. In addition, it still keeps the title of Queen of Education, conferred by Florence, Pisa is a very young, dynamic and animated city.

Siena, a leap back in time, stands on three hills and is crossed by wide avenues and narrow alleys that lead to the heart of the city, the Piazza del Campo and all other precious buildings of which it is studded: the Cathedral, the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, the Basilica of St. Catherine, the church of Santa Maria dei Servi and countless other story angles that intersect at every turn, and so often that you have the impression that you can hear at any moment the noise of carriage wheels on the sampietrini.

A story that loses its memory in the centuries, says that it was founded by Senio (hence the name), son of Remus (brother of the founder of the “Eternal City”) and to the memory of this legend many columns and niches are embellished by the wolf suckling the twins. Famous for the Palio, the historic horse race, held every year on July 2 and August 16 in the shell-shaped square, Siena is also home to one of the oldest universities in Europe. In addition to the daily life that animates all day on the streets and squares of the city, Siena offers many cultural events, concerts, cinemas, theatres and a wide range of sporting activities. For those who come in Tuscany, a visit to this magnificent city is a must!

Lucca is one of the main art cities of Italy, famous even outside national borders for his walls belonging to the fifteenth-seventeenth century, making it one of the 4 Italian provincial capitals, with Grosseto, Ferrara and Bergamo, that has intact Renaissance walls.

To date, the same circle of walls, that was converted already, as early as the second half of the nineteenth century, in a pleasant promenade, is one of the best preserved in Europe, as never used in the past centuries for defensive purposes.

Consequently the historical centre of the city remained almost intact in its original form, thus being able to include numerous medieval churches of great architectural richness, hence the name “the city of 100 churches,” to which we must add towers, bell towers and palaces of the Renaissance of excellent stylistic linearity.

Curiosity: until the early years of the 90s of 800, The walls were used as a true ring road for the traffic around the city, the only example in the world of wall of this size and with this use.

Arezzo, an ancient city that has seen the development of the skills of many famous people of Italian history and literature, to whom it had given birth: the fervent and lively wit of Pietro Aretino with his satirical verses; the eclecticism of the painter, architect and writer Giorgio Vasari, who, though specialized in painting of windows, has left us some of the most beautiful and complete treatises on art; the sophisticated and elegant style of the precursor of Italian language Francesco Petrarca; the enigmatic poetry of the painter and writer Margaritone di Arezzo; the grandeur of Renaissance paintings of the most illustrious pupil of Piero della Francesca: Luca Signorelli and of his own master, and the list could go on!

In addition, those who have the opportunity to be in Arezzo between late August and early September can attend events that are rooted in history, as the Saracen Joust, one of the most popular events in Tuscany, which takes place in Piazza Grande in the background of the medieval old town. Another well-known and popular event is the Antique Fair, held the first weekend of every month, you can not miss the old furniture and objects exposed by the hundreds of Exhibitors arriving from all over Italy, where visitors flock to the streets of center, tireless, searching for some treasure! If you love wine and food tours, then you must know that the the cooking of Arezzo is tasty and varied.

Entering in the various eating houses and inns that are scattered in Arezzo, you can taste the chicken soup, the Arezzo eel (anguilla all’aretina), fried celery, grilled chicken and many other delicacies and then … bon appetit!

Nearby towns of interest

The famous city with beautiful towers, is about 14 km from Il Defizio, visited by tourists from all over the world, is famous not only for its towers and the beauty of its historical center, but also for its wines including the Vernaccia di San Gimignano and its small museums including that of torture.

Very famous and important town founded by the Etruscans, part of the landscape that you can admire from Il Defizio, from which it is only about 18 km far.

It is famous not only for its history and beauty of the perfectly preserved old town, but also for the working of alabaster with which some wonderful decorations and ornaments are forged.

Situated about 17 km from Il Defizio, it is a town of about 17,000 inhabitants with a beautiful old town dating back to 1000 AD at the top of a hill completely separate and distant from the new centre built in the valley.

Renowned for having witnessed the birth in 1313 of the famous writer Giovanni Boccaccio and where, since 1375, the year of his death, it houses his remains within the church of SS. James and Philip. Also visit the Praetorian Palace in addition to Boccaccio’s house which is now also a museum.

Curiosity: In the month of July a festival in medieval style, called MERCANTIA, is held, attracting visitors from all over Tuscany and beyond.

Another beautiful medieval town situated about 35 km from Defizio. It might be visited with the town of Colle val d’Elsa.

It is placed in the middle of the beautiful hills of Siena and is famous not only for its beautiful old town, but also for its particular and unique Palio which is held in the second Sunday of the month of July.

About 30 km from Il Defizio, Monteriggioni is a beautiful medieval town easily accessible and visible, because it is situated along the route that connects Il Defizio to the most famous city of Siena.

The small village is surrounded by a very special and unique wall.

Located about 25 km from Il Defizio, famous for the production and processing of the crystal in addition to its lovely and perfectly preserved old town dating back to medieval times.

Activities in the surrounding area

Tamburini Emanuela
via Catignano, 106
50050 - Gambassi Terme (FI)
Tel / Fax +39 0571 680235
Mail emanuela@agricolatamburini.it

The agricultural history of Tamburini family has its roots in the nineteenth century, in fact even before the beginning of 1900, and from then until now for five generations, the passion for the cultivation of the vine and the olive has been the basis of daily work.

This has laid the foundations of a company that, after more than a century, continues to innovate to try to combine the old traditions of the past with new technologies in the vineyard and the wine cellar.

The company continues the family tradition thanks to the management by Mauro Tamburini, who combines the experience and expertise in wine production to new technical knowledge brought by his daughter Emanuela, doctor of oenology that since 2002 has joined his father in the management of the business.

For your WINE TOUR, the Agricola Tamburini will be glad to welcome you for an afternoon of wine culture! Thank you to our skilled personnel, you will understand everything that is behind a glass of wine … Upon arrival, you will be greeted in a friendly atmosphere, and after learning the history of Tamburini company, that has reached its fifth generation, you will visit the vinification and storage cellars, a real activity to figure out how to produce the true Tuscan wine!

At the end of this learning path, all together around the table in the tasting room, built inside a medieval monastery, we will taste all the production of the company, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, white and red wines, Vin Santo and Grappa, accompanied by toasted bread and Tuscan salami. Eventually, if all is to your liking, you can also choose to buy products at the competitive prices of the company direct selling. The Wine Tour costs 15 euros per person and lasts about 2 hours. Reservations are required. See you for a wonderful Wine Tour in Tuscany!

Via Francia, 16
Cascina (PI)
Tel +39 050 741034 / +39 050 740033
Fax +39 050 743333
Mail information@libertyrent.it

Headquarters, Sale, Rental, Assistance: Between Pisa and Florence at the exit junction of the highway FI-PI-LI of Cascina.

The prices for renting a Vespa Piaggio 125 are:

  • € 60 for a day;
  • € 120 for two days;
  • € 170 for three days;
  • € 210 for four days.

For longer periods we will be happy to give you a price list directly at the reception. For further information: www.bellinibruno.com

Il Defizio can satisfy even those who want to visit the beautiful Tuscan hills at liberty, perhaps riding a splendid Piaggio Vespa 125. Thanks to a special agreement we can make you find a vehicle directly at Il Defizio on your arrival or during your stay with us.

A round of golf (for all our guests, special discount of 10%)

If you love golf, 14 km from Il Defizio you will find what you have always dreamed, a beautiful golf course nestled in the Tuscan hills, where in addition to the game you can enjoy a splendid panorama.

The prices on weekdays are:

  • € 60 for 18 holes (-10%);
  • € 35 for 9 holes (-10%).

while for holidays:

  • € 70 for 18 holes (-10%);
  • € 40 for 9 holes (-10%).

Toscana Resort Castelfalfi with 27-hole golf course

In the heart of Tuscany, situated between Pisa and Florence, were born in the last few months a 18-hole golf course and a 9-hole course and a practice course with sheltered hitting bays and grass tee boxes. The golf courses lie deep in the property of Castelfalfi including 1,100 hectares of land and consists of a village with castle, a vineyard and an olive grove.

The course which has existed for over 20 years and at that time had been designed by Mancinelli, needed a makeover.

By moving the position of the clubhouse, which is now located exactly between the two paths, at the foot of the castle, it was possible to renew the entire design.

Although it kept the most beautiful landscape aspects, the existing course has been modified and adapted to current standards.

In fact, the holes that were too steep or difficult to see have been removed and new fairways have been created and integrated in both courses.

From the terrace of the future clubhouse you can enjoy a wonderful view of a landscape characterized by the lake where you can find the putting greens of the last hole of each path.

The rates are:

  • € 20 per person for the first hour;
  • € 15 for each additional hour;
  • € 75 per person, horse trekking of 3 hours, including lunch at a farm;
  • € 13 for children with the opportunity to ride a pony for 30 minutes.

If you prefer moving on horsevack, we can book for our clients a wonderful trip with these beautiful animals, that can last a few hours as well as a full day at a riding stables which has an agreement with Il Defizio just a few minutes drive from us.

For lovers of an afternoon of complete relaxation and wellness, Il Defizio has the option to book your massages, saunas, steam baths or sensory pathways at health facilities located 6 km or 15 km from us with prices to be agreed depending on the activities of your choice.

If you want to have fun with a tennis challenge, we have the possibility to book courts with three different surfaces: synthetic, ground or concrete. The tennis club is located in CERTALDO which is 16 km from Il Defizio and is equipped with comfortable dressing rooms and showers.

The price for an hour is € 4.50 per person.

Il Defizio can be an excellent starting point for a tour of the surrounding hills to do with mountain bikes or racing bikes to discover the beautiful landscapes that surround It. The paths are already well trained cyclists to the streets being predominantly hilly and very little flat.

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